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  • Test Environment Provision

    DHC can provide virtual test environments where customers can establish play areas. These are particularly useful for business and design orientated users because the environment allows one to make any changes to a test and make sure concepts work well in practice. Changes can be easily rolled back to the last known good configuration using virtual snapshots.

    The environments can be established and hosted on site with the customer, or can be hosted by DHC. The environments can be served via remote access to anyone who is assigned access to them. This is also particularly useful for environment versioning and control, as one can set up multiple virtual environments, e.g. Test LANs, with different versions of software. Snapshots can be made taken to back up environments.

    In addition to virtual environments, DHC can also assist customers in the implementation of physical test environments. Prospective clients should note that the benefits of virtualization, such as snapshots and rollbacks, will not be available and these would have to be done manually.

    Please feel free to engage with us about project costing and other details at any stage of the process.

  • Test Environment Process and Procedure Implementation

    DHC can establish testing processes and procedures which are well documented and that can easily be managed to a mature level. Testing approaches and documentation vary, due to the various development methodologies available, e.g. scrum, waterfall etc. but can be tailored to a simplified approach according to customers’ needs. The aim is to simplify the management of test deliverables and to promote accountability of testers and suppliers.

  • Test Environment Maintenance

    Once a test environment is established, it needs to be kept up to date and in working order. This requires continuous maintenance. If a customer subscribes to this service they will have versioned test environments (virtual environments only) with the latest version always implemented with latest code releases. This is beneficial (and recommended), as projects will not have to pay for the test environment implementation of new releases and there is no wait time for implementation resourcing slots. For virtualised test environments there will also be no availability issues and the wait times often experienced as a result.

  • Testing

    DHC can provide resources to perform testing on behalf of customers or to assist customers with testing efforts. DHC covers Integration, Systems, Functional, Regression, Acceptance, Performance and Installation testing but can sub-contract expertise for Penetration testing where necessary. Our basic philosophy is that a tester needs business context of the tested application and armed with that knowledge the tester can test each individual case based on its own merits. This principle can be applied with any testing methodology or approach.

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