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DHC acknowledges that subject matter expertise cannot always be retained on a permanent basis in large enterprises. The lack of SME resources can sometimes leave gaps to be filled in and between operational and support structures, and it is these gaps that DHC is keen to focus on and to fill as an extension of the internal enterprise team.

DHC takes a pro-active and pragmatic approach to support and appreciates that each environment is different. We realise we would need to engage with customers prior to finalising a service offering approach, but based on experience we have found that the following approach works best:
  • • Initial assessment of current operational state and production of report covering:

    • - Current application and technical related issues to be addressed - high level
    • - Areas where further training is required
    • - Cost estimates for an initial clean up exercise

  • • Initial environment clean up exercise
  • • Implementation of a recurring assessment, report and cleanup cycle. (We recommend an initial weekly cycle and can then move to a monthly or bi-monthly cycle as the environment becomes more stable.)

DHC has found that in certain scenarios ad hoc on site engagement also speeds up the resolution of issues and prevents them from escalating. For this reason DHC will flex with the business location and hours of the customer to accommodate any on site needs.

We are very excited about our new operational diagnostics tool which is currently in development, and will be available in beta versions soon.

This tool will focus on providing a view of the enterprise operational status at any point in time in a concise management friendly format, but will also have the ability to expand and drill down into more detailed views for technical audiences. Up/Down reporting of hardware and software services and reporting of process non-conformance issues are some of the features that will be available.
Later versions of the tool could focus on:

  • • KPI reporting for users and processes
  • • Stock levels of the enterprise including branches and ATMs with threshold reporting
  • • Support desk integration to show support call metrics and notifications of critical calls


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